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Thinkwell creates dynamic, video-based learning materials for core curriculum subject areas. We aim to facilitate transformative learning experiences inside and outside the classroom by giving educators and students the tools, technology, and content they need to succeed. We view education as an opportunity to inspire curiosity and strive to create a generation of critical thinkers who solve problems with confidence. In all areas, we champion the spirit of learning by thinking well.

The Thinkwell team

Carl Tyson
President, CEO and Director
Carl joined Thinkwell in 1999; he has enjoyed more than thirty years in publishing. He received a Ph.D in Western American History from Oklahoma State University. He entered publishing at Scott, Foresman and subsequently joined West College Publishing. He was president of the college divisions of McGraw-Hill and Harcourt Brace as well as overseeing the public offering of Vcampus Corporation. He was the chairperson of the American Association of Publishers. He is the author of eight books and more than twenty articles on the history of the American West. Carl brings Scout to work.

Kent Fuka
Chairman and CFO
Kent Fuka brings 30 years experience in the computer industry to Thinkwell. During the 1990s, he spent 5 years as a Vice President at a large software company in Austin, and then spent 5 years as a founding partner at a Texas venture capital firm. As a VC, Kent became the Chairman of Thinkwell in 1999. After retiring from the VC business in 2002, Kent went back to school to get a masters degree in Astronomy, and now has a room full of telescope gear and historic star charts at home. In 2004, Kent missed his life in high-tech, and joined Thinkwell full time, where he is now responsible for Thinkwell's finances.

Amy Bryant
Co-Founder and VP Development
Amy co-founded Thinkwell in 1997 with a desire to bring great teachers and great teaching to students worldwide. She oversees the production and editorial departments at Thinkwell and is happiest when the cameras are rolling.

Amy is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She is an active volunteer and contributor to arts and education organizations in her community. Most recently, she was chosen to serve on Austin Independent School District’s UpClose committee. She is a proud parent of two young, curious kiddos whom she tries to inspire to think well every day.

Palo Chalupka
Chief Technology Officer
Palo is the architect of Thinkwell's educational platform, course management, and back-office systems. His background with educational software began over 8 years ago with The Princeton Review where he worked as a senior software developer, working on one of the first adaptive testing environments online. Palo is a board member of Tamizdat, a non-profit organization committed to fostering the free-exchange of information and ideas between artists, audiences, and industry. Palo attended engineering school in Bratislava, Slovakia, his home country.

Mark Schnug
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Mark leads the effort to show all kinds of teachers how Thinkwell can help meet their objectives with students. He wore out his welcome at the University of Kansas as a pioneer of the seven-year plan still imitated by students today. With book-learning and an MBA behind him, Mark served as senior group manager of college marketing at Sprint before joining Thinkwell. Mark owns quite a few guitars, and in his spare time he actually builds both electric and acoustic guitars. He's also a car nut, forever on the lookout for a rusty British sports car to restore. Neither of these activities are encouraged by his wife and son.

Sam Webber
Director of Professional Development
Sam hails from Austin, Texas where she produced theater, film, and fashion events for several years before joining the Thinkwell team. Sam has worn many hats at Thinkwell over the past 7 years and loves assisting instructors in discovering the best way to use all of the Thinkwell tools. In Sam's backyard, you'll find bowling balls, a horseshoe pit, and a lemonade stand.

Thinkwell's Board of Directors:

Kent Fuka, Chairman
read Kent's bio above

Carl Tyson, Director
read Carl's bio above

Amy Bryant, Secretary
read Amy's bio above

Jim Levy, Director
Jim Levy brings more than forty years of excellence in educational publishing to Thinkwell's board. He received his B.S. in Accounting and Finance and his B.Ed. from the University of Illinois--where he also played varsity football. He entered the publishing business as a sales representative. He was a co-founder of Goodyear Publishing. He has held several senior positions in the industry, including Executive Vice Chairman and COO of RiverDeep Interactive Learning, President and Chief Operating Officer of Harcourt, Inc., and President and Chief Executive Officer of the School Division of MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Publishing.

Jim is the founder and president of the Essex Group, a management consulting company that specializes in educational publishing.

Drew Duncan, Director
Drew Duncan is the founder of web community tools provider, BeSeen, Inc. He has been active in the angel investment community since 1998. Drew is currently the Head of Trading and Research at the quantitative investment advisory firm, RGM Advisors, LLC.

Faith Creighton Vincent, Director
Faith Vincent is Vice President of LBJ Asset Management Partners headquartered in Austin, Texas and has worked with the Johnson family since 2000. Prior to joining LBJ Asset Management Partners, Ms. Vincent worked in structured finance of commercial lease assets and education loans at Texas Capital Markets, L.P in Austin, Texas. Ms. Vincent has a Masters in International Business from the University of South Carolina MIBS program and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin. Ms. Vincent lives in Singapore with her husband and daughter.