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Computer Labs

A cost-effective way to make Thinkwell available to every student in your school

Thinkwell lab packs are the perfect solution where students use on-campus computers or computer labs.

The videos can be loaded directly onto a school computer, and the lab pack license allows an unlimited number of users to view the video lectures from that specific computer for a period of one year. A school can equip as many computers as they wish.

Subscription codes can be purchased by the school or by students. These codes allow access to the Thinkwell web components, including online exercises and illustrated notes.


  • Students no longer need a traditional textbook (that they didn't read anyway!).
  • Students prefer Thinkwell's multimedia approach because it addresses all learning styles.
  • The content is customizable.
  • Student activity is automatically recorded.
  • The school has no additional hardware or hosting requirements.
  • The cost can be entirely supported by students or shared with the department.
  • Arrangements can be made so that students can work from any computer—even off-campus.



A one-year license for a specific Thinkwell title for one computer is $250. There is a volume discount based on the number of PCs equipped (see above). Authorization codes are $49.95 each (no volume discount). Labs/schools purchase the number of lab licenses to equip a specific number of computers making a "Lab Pack." Example: A department has a lab with 50 PCs and purchases a lab pack to deliver a Thinkwell title on all those PCs for $8,750. An unlimited number of students have access to the videos on those PCs for one year. The school can purchase authorization codes for $49.95 each to have access to the Thinkwell website components, or students can purchase them individually.

How To Order

A purchase order is all you need. Contact us at for help.